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Ed Rooksby
10 January 1975 – 14 February 2021

A Bibliography of
Ed Rooksby’s work



(2011–2021) Blog posts from Ed Rooksby – ideas are also material forces.

(2004–2009) Blog posts from International Rooksbyism – a socialist blog with ninja skills.

Personal insights

(2021) Nine months in the long limbo of long covid, 9 January.

(2012) Eulogy for my father, 10 February.


David & John Rooksby (2021) In Memory of Ed Rooksby (1975–2021), Kudoboard.

Alex Doherty (2021) Remembering Ed Rooksby: An Interview with Ed Rooksby, Tribune, 24 February.

Phil Burton Cartledge (2021) Remembering Ed Rooksby, All That Is Solid, 19 February.

Umut Bozkurt and Mònica Clua-Losada (2021) In memory of Ed Rooksby, Capital & Class, 45:2, 333–336.

Recent blog posts

(2020) The spectre of communism and the repressed longing of the bourgeoisie, 5 July.

(2020) Charlie Post on Non Reformist Reforms, 26 April.

(2020) A Critique of Balibar’s ‘On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat’, 19 April.

(2020) Etienne Balibar’s ‘On the Dictatorship of the Proletariat’, 17 April.

(2019) Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’ (Part 3), 9 April.

(2019) Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’ (Part 2), 9 April.

(2019) Lenin’s ‘The State and Revolution’ (Part 1), 30 March.

(2018) Some notes on the ‘Leninist’ strategy, 18 August.

(2018) The Myth of ‘Reformism’?, 15 August.

(2017) Re-reading Ralph Miliband, 28 August.

Podcasts, Debates, Interviews

(2018) The Democratic Road to Socialism with Ed Rooksby, Dead Pundits Society, Ep. 61, 8 August.
*Remastered Tribute (2021) Ed Rooksby on Structural Reforms and the Democratic Road to Socialism (Part 2), 23 February.

(2018) Socialism, Leninism, and Dual Power with Ed Rooksby, Dead Pundits Society, 60, 3 August.
*Remastered Tribute (2021) Ed Rooksby on Socialist History and Strategy (Part 1), 17 February.

(2018) Ed Rooksby on Reform, Revolution and Socialist Strategy, Politics Theory Other, Ep. 11, 9 June.

(2018) Structural Reform and Socialist Strategy with Ed Rooksby, Dead Pundits Society, Ep. 46, 25 March.

(2014) Left Reformism, the state and socialist politics today – Paul Blackledge & Ed Rooksby, Socialist Worker’s Party, 7 July.

(2011) Blue Labour – “faith, family and dog-whistle politics.” An interview with political theorist Ed Rooksby, Shift Magazine online, June.

Journal articles

(2018) “Structural Reform” and the Problem of Socialist Strategy Today, Critique 46: 1, pp. 27–48.

(2017) Brexit and the Left, (unpublished, intended for Salvage Journal), March/April.

(2014) A Rejoinder to Paul Blackledge on ‘Left Reformism’, (unpublished, intended for International Socialism Journal), 5 January.

(2013) “Left Reformism” and Socialist Strategy, International Socialism Journal 140: 7, pp. 83–102.

(2012) The Relationship Between Liberalism and Socialism, Science & Society 76: 4, pp. 495–520.

(2012) Cyprus and the West: a Critical Perspective on British and US Foreign Policy and Strategic Interests in Cyprus, in Bozkurt, U and Trimikliniotis, N (eds.) Beyond a Divided Cyprus: a State and Society in Transformation, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 83–98.

(2012) Blue Labour and the Limits of Social Democracy, Renewal: Journal of Social Democracy 19: 3/4, pp. 104–117.

(2011) Towards a Revolutionary Reformist Strategy: Within, Outside and Against the State, Critique 39: 1, pp. 27–51.

(2010) Towards a Better Theory of the Capitalist State, Studies in Marxism, Vol. 12, pp. 73–99.


(2019) The Bolsheviks did not ‘smash’ the old state, New Socialist, 3 November.

(2018) No Capitulation, Jacobin, 13 March.

(2016) The Left After Leave, Jacobin, 1 July.

(2016) There Is No Left Exit, Jacobin, 22 June.

(2015) Corbyn and the Left, Jacobin, 29 September.

(2015) Why Jeremby Corbyn Scares the Right, Jacobin, 8 July.

(2015) Is Syriza Radical Enough?, New Left Project, 22 January.

(2013) The European Crisis, Oxford Left Review, Issue: 10, 21 June.

(2013) Why it’s time to realign the left, Socialist Review, Issue: 380, May.

(2013) So what’s the problem with champagne socialism?, The Guardian, 16 April.

(2013) The Crisis and Socialist Strategy (Part 2), Left Unity, 13 April.

(2013) The Crisis and Socialist Strategy (Part 1), Left Unity, 5 April.

(2013) An Alternative Economic Strategy (unpublished, intended for Red Book, Vol. 2), March/April.

(2013) The Current Conjuncture in Britain on the Left: Toward Left Unity, Left Unity, 25 March.

(2012) The Idea of Apocalypse in the Age of ‘Capitalist Realism’, Monthly Review online, 21 December.

(2012) Ukip are true libertarians, The Guardian, 19 December.

(2012) What does conservatism stand for?, The Guardian, 15 July.

(2012) Britishness and anti-intellectualism, Open Democracy, 14 January.

(2011) Liberalism: An Ideology of Exclusion? (Part 2), New Left Project, 21 November.

(2011) Liberalism: An Ideology of Exclusion? (Part 1), New Left Project, 18 November.

(2011) Timid Labour must rediscover its economic edge, The Guardian, 28 September.

(2011) What does it mean to be a ‘liberal’?, The Guardian, 15 August.

(2011) Blue Labour: is there a baby in the bathwater?, Open Democracy, 23 July.

(2011) Blue Labour: sorting the wheat from the chaff, New Statesman, 21 July.

(2011) Summer’s here and it’s time to call the ‘Arab spring’ a revolution, The Guardian, 14 June.

(2011) Don’t underestimate toxic Blue Labour, The Guardian, 21 May.

(2011) Protesters should not look to once-red Ed for support, The Guardian, 2 March.

(2011) Liberal Citizenship, Socialism and the State, New Left Project, 13 January.

(2010) Vince Cable is Right: in Some Ways the Coalition is a Bit Like Maoism, The Guardian, 23 December.

(2010) Who’s Correct About Human Nature, the Left or the Right?, The Guardian, 20 November.

(2010) The Complexity of Equality, The Guardian, October 14 .

Book Reviews

(2019) Digital-Libidinal Politics, JA Smith, ‘Other People’s Politics: Populism to Corbynism’, 28 October.

(2017) Extended Book Review: ‘Class Analysis and the Thatcherite Offensive’, Capital & Class Vol. 41: 3, pp. 567–571.

(2012) Review of ‘Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?’, Historical Materialism 20: 1, pp. 21–30.

(2012) Review of Domenico Losurdo’s ‘Liberalism: a Counter-History’ (Parts 1 and 2), (originally published in New Left Project), 4 January.

(2010) Review of ‘The Enigma of Capital’ by David Harvey, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, 29 November.

(2009) Review of ‘State Power’ by Bob Jessop, Political Studies Review 7: 1, pp. 99–100.

(2008) Review of ‘Towards a New Socialism’ edited by Anatole Anton and Richard Schmitt, Political Studies Review 6: 2, p. 207.

(2008) Review of ‘City of Quartz’ by Mike Davis, Capital & Class 32: 1, pp. 151–154.


Taking Power: Reform, Revolution, Socialist Strategy (unpublished, Historical Materialism Book Series).

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